It is a viable alternative to fixed and mobile dentures. Compared to fixed dentures the implant has the same result without sacrificing other teeth to make a bridge. In relation to the mobile dentures, especially if total, the advantage is greater because the patient does not have the feeling of a foreign body in the mouth, with the problems, also, of psychological nature.

The implant is an artificial tooth root, that replaces the lost one, on which a fixed prosthesis is applied. This technique can be used to replace more teeth.

Modern Implantology is based on the principle of osseointegration, i.e. the use of a bio-compatible material, titanium, which the organism recognizes as its own and integrates perfectly.

This bone integration is optimal and long lasting.There are many types of implant, of the most varied shapes and sizes; the dentist will advise the most suitable model and measure for each individual case, because it is closely related to the individual characteristics of the patient, the site where it should intervene, the type of bone per structure and special anatomic conditions.

It should be specified, however, that there are situations in which either it is not appropriate or it is not possible to resort to implantology. Contraindications may depend from the patient, the mouth or the seat in which the implant should be inserted.

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