Thanks to the latest techniques and materials we are able to apply complete prosthesis with the guarantee of the maximum tightness, and without palate in order not to reduce the taste of the foods. Of course, skeletal prostheses with concealed hooks or magnets are also available, made with highly resistant alloys.

The main function of a fixed prosthesis is to allow the morpho-functional restoration of the stomatognatic apparatus whose functions are: chewing, swallowing and phonation.

But the success of a prosthesis, in addition to the experience of the dentist, relies in researching the right type and accurately detecting the imprint of the mouth. Before starting any prosthetic procedure is necessary the clinical examination, to study the type of prosthesis that will be realized, examining the appearance of the patient, the smile, the shape of the face, the fonesis. A certificate proving the quality of the materials used for the realization of a denture will be released to the patient.


The high aesthetic expectations, required today by an increasing number of patients, have stimulated the birth of this prosthesis that is positioned in the oral cavity with exceptional results and great satisfaction of the patient.

The structures made with Zirconium Oxide are certainly more reliable and possess chemical-physical characteristics that allow their use in all prosthetic products.

These features are:

  • high flexural strength;
  • translucency comparable to the natural dentin;
  • optimum precision standards
  • high bio-compatibility
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